Are Listing Agents Fading into the Horizon?

Posted on: November 12th, 2013

Sometimes I imagine a Listing Agent riding a lonely horse into the sunset like in an old cowboy movie while “The End” scrolls onto the screen.

There is a believe in the market that Flat Fee MLS listing services and the discount Real Estate concept will eventually eliminate the Listing Agent from the transaction. Companies and Realtor teams that dedicate their efforts exclusively  to getting listings feel threatened by companies like

Nevertheless we don’t believe that Listing Agent Realtors will disappear completely from the picture. We admire our competition and understand that we are just an alternative for a market that needs to keep more money in their pockets after selling or renting their property. It is a free market and as such, our business model is as valid as any other out there.

In our snapflatfee’s perfect world all the power would be on the Buyer’s agents hands with every seller paying a $99 listing fee and using a Real Estate attorney (which we suggest sellers use even if a listing Realtor is employed) to review documents and represent them at closing.

Nevertheless we admit and understand that there is also a segment of the market that don’t feel comfortable showing their property on their own, negotiating a contract and coordinating a closing. For these customers, and only for these customers, will listing agents be still relevant in the future. We strongly belive in open markets, strategic competition and efficient business models that look beyond the present; the public in general and the consumer is who ultimately benefits from creative, alternative services in Real Estate.

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