Flat Fee MLS Listing Revolutionizing a Thirsty Market

Posted on: November 10th, 2013

Our service is called Flat Fee MLS listing or discount real estate service. We offer a limited service for sellers who want to sell their property on their own without using a Realtor to represent them during the transaction. Realtors own the most effective system to market and promote properties for sale and lease called the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is why sellers who want to sell by themselves are limited to archaic, old fashion advertisement like print newspaper, brochures, yard sign and word of mouth. But knowing that 90% of buyers use a Realtor to represent them during the purchase process, these For Sale By Owners (FSBO) are left with no real way of attracting this 90% of buyers.


Buyers come through Realtors and Realtors are only looking at the MLS which warranties them a commission.


This is where fills in the gap in service. These independent sellers need a service that allows them to get listed on the MLS (hence participating with other Realtors) while avoiding the huge expense of a 6% (or higher) commission.


There are other types of services and other price structures, but offers one and only one simple, easy, effective and efficient service that will get the property in front to 97% of the potential market in the world.


We have plenty of experience in Real Estate and in technological advances and the electronic evolution of information and advertisement. We know what gets houses sold and properties rented and we take our customers in that direction.


We know that 97% of ALL properties sold or rented happen because of the MLS or through one of our partners in the Internet. We are sure of this! So we charge our customers appropriately and help them spend 100% of their money in the most cost effective way.


It is our opinion that yard signs don’t sell properties, nice brochures to hand out at open houses don’t sell houses, newspaper adds don’t sell houses, massive mail-outs don’t sell houses. People have asked: “Then why Realtors do this and use it as their marketing strategy?” It is simple, these are traditional marketing tools that used to work when the Internet was not around; they look very nice, beautiful, colorful, shinny and catches your eye, but it has a very limited distribution … a neighborhood reach (very local). And the biggest truth is that these really are marketing tools for Realtors to get more listings, not to help the seller sell the house…it doesn’t work that way in the Electronic age we live in right now.


Our business model is designed around the concept of putting the money where the results are. Customers are saving a ton of money with our service.

Start Today! List your property (for sale or for rent) like a Pro and get it sold fast.


“We List, You Show, You Sell …. It’s THAT SIMPLE!”