Why us

Because we are the best company for the best price available…at least this is what our customer say. Check out our Reviews page.


Our company’s name is: Blue Lighthouse Realty, INC.


An MLS listing (with exposure)  for sale or for rent for 12-months, 25 pictures, with your property being published in more than 75 worldwide Real Estate partner websites for only $99 is the best deal out there. Your property will be listed directly by  our Company (Blue Lighthouse Realty, INC.) a State Licensed Real Estate Broker (we are licensed in all the states we serve and we do not serve states where we are not licensed) – we never sell your information or refer it to third party companies. We have done the research for you; we are the best value!


Our business model is simple but effective and efficient. We use modern state-of-the art cloud technology. These characteristics paired with strong partners, give us an edge.  And by being a family owned company, we can operate with lower overhead costs than our competitors. All savings are transferred to you, our customer.


The team at has more than 20 years of combined experience in the Real Estate industry and the company’s Broker is an active member of this professional community. Currently he serves as a member of the Realtor Ethics Grievance Committee of the Miami Association of Realtors. Always with the consumer as the focus of his philosophy, he has spent many years advocating for the professionalization of the Real Estate services .


The company is expanding constantly and new states are being added frequently


Your Flat Fee MLS listings will never be in better hands.


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